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I have a Masters in English/Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota. I write memoirs (many published), short stories and novelettes, and novels. Three of my current books are on Amazon/Kindle. I belong to a writers group that meets weekly to read and critique others, and I also zoom with a book club monthly. I have taught for more than fifteen years at the secondary level as well as working in corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company for thirteen years. I use my expertise in my own work as well as others'. My life is full of books,, family (five beautiful children and four outstanding grandchildren), friends and plans for the future. Come join me on my journey.

Look at the Archives section of this webpage to see my published work. And note my newest publications: three books on Amazon, available in paperback (POD) and e-book form on Kindle.

I am a former dancer and I continue to enjoy all the visual arts and music. I read a lot and enjoy my book club that meets monthly to discuss and critique a variety of material.

Can't forget to add my family: Five wonderful grown children, four beautiful grandchildren and a cat named Cleopatra (well, she is a queen in this house). I have traveled widely across the pond, and I enjoy visiting my relatives in South Dakota and Texas. With friends and family as my support groups, I have a busy life, centered around my passion for writing.

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