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I have an M.A. in English, more than fifteen years' teaching English and related subjects at the secondary level, and thirteen years' experience in Corporate Communications. My skills translate well to any communication you may have, whether it's nonfiction, fiction, memoir or a business offering. See below for the different categories for help you may require.



This service includes a complete check of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In the trade, we call this Mechanics. I will point out any errors, as well as words you may use over and over without realizing it.


With this service, I check not only for mechanics , but also for consistency of elements, sentence structure, organization and tone.

Words can convey many meanings; I can help you with word choices that explicitly say what you mean. A line by line edit is part of this service.


Prices depend on how much work I need to give you a polished, finished draft. These rates are always transparent --- I'll tell you up front the potential costs and let you decide how much or how little you want me to do.

Rates are always negotiable.

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