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2022  Amazon and Kindle:  Lighting Out: Suzy the Default Detective; Suzy 2  Suzy the Super Sleuth. Suzy the Super Cop

The Bridge," short fiction, Honorable Mention, Flash Fiction Contest, The Verb at, June, 2007

"Grover," a memoir,, online writing site, January 2007

Writing on the Run online Newsletter, Tip of the Week, "Your Darlings," September 17, 2006

"There's No Place Like Home," memories of 9/11/01, published August 2006 online for, Sun newspapers; also published in Sun newspaper, August 26, 2006 edition, Apple Valley/Rosemount, MN

"My Mother the Storyteller," a memoir, published in Celebrating Family History, Heritage Press 2005, publication of the Southern California Genealogical Society

"Manhattan Memory," essay winner, published online from August 2004 through October 2004 (Reading

"The Ladies Who Dance," short story, published in Seasons 4 Writing newsletter July 2004

"Lost and Found in Italy," travel essay, published online at, August 2003

"You Don't Have to be a House to be Haunted," a memoir, published in Haunted Encounters, Atriad Press 2003

"Alice and Me," a memoir, Minnesota Memories 2, Graham Magneri Books, May 2002

"World Enough and Time," essay, Twin Cities Woman magazine, 1988,

"A Touch of the Byzantine," memoir, Hurricane Alice, 1986, literary publication, University of Minnesota

The Magic Words, Care Bears children's book, 1984, Parker Brothers

"Golden Lasses," Sing, Heavenly Muse, 1983, literary magazine; winner 2nd place short story contest

Writing Awards

"The Irish Bury Their Dead" 2018 Honorable Mention, Glimmertrain literary magazine

"When I Grow Too Old To Dream: A Memoir of Aunt Alice," Honorable Mention, 2006 Southern California Genealogical Society

"Dicky: A Memoir of My Father," Finalist 2005, Southern California Genealogical Society

On Kindle/Amazon: Suzy the Default Detective; Lighting Out; Leading Ladies, How to Manage Like a Star

Smashwords: "Prima Ballerina"

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